The Best Smart Plug(s) of 2020

Best smart outlets of 2020

Looking for the best smart plug of 2020 but just not sure where to start? We’re here to help! Smart plugs make controlling your home and the appliances within it simple without even needing to be home.

For instance, you can create your own home schedule have the coffee made and the lights on when you wake up and turn everything off as you leave.

Our experts reviewed multiple smart plugs and smart outlets to bring you the best of the best smart plugs on Amazon. Criteria includes use, features, compatibility, size, and much more.

What Makes a Good Smart Plug?

If you’ve spent anytime researching smart plugs and smart outlets you’ll know the options and brands are endless. So we’ve made it simple and picked out a few we thought would be the best overall for different situations.

Our overall top contender for best smart plug of 2020 goes to the Kasa Smart Mini. It’s one of the most compact smart plugs on the market! Even its small stature comes and amazing amount of features fully compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Microsoft Cortana.

We’ve also included a number of different categories in our review. These categories include our top overall outdoor smart plug but also our top pick for the best smart outlet of 2020.

Best Smart plug on Amazon

Kasa Smart Wi-fi Plug Mini

When it comes to smart plugs we found the Kasa Smart Wi-fi Plug Mini was the top ranking contender with the WeMo Mini as a close second.

Considering the compact size of the smart plug and the features it has to offer it has to be the best smart plug on Amazon. Moreover the Kasa Smart Mini is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Microsoft Cortana. Not only is this plug voice controlled but it also has the ability to set schedules.

Make getting up in the morning a breeze by setting the plug to brew coffee at 6:00am and turn off at 6:15am while simultaneously turning on the lights and beginning your day. We like this device in particular because it doesn’t require a hub to function simple plug it in and download the app.

Installation for this plug is a breeze with a set by step guide on wire installation.

Best Smart Plug for homekit

WeMo Mini

What else is their to say other than the WeMo Mini does it all. In addition to being 2020’s number one smart plug for Apple’s HomeKit but it’s also integrated with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

The ergonomic and compact design of the WeMo Mini makes it the perfect fit for any household it will fit in any electrical outlet without blocking other sockets.(in addition, will allow for stacking of devices)

Control the Mini with ease either from the app or voice commands. Also featured on the WeMo Mini is the ability to schedule times for devices to turn on and times for them to turn off.

In addition the device is equipped with a randomized lights safety feature. Thus, making it seem like your home by turning on lights randomly throughout the house. Furthermore the WeMo Mini works with IFTTT for automated Recipes.

Best Smart Plug for the Outdoors

Kasa Smart Wi-fi Outdoor Plug

Something a little different this smart plug is exclusively for outdoor use! In addition to being Ip64 rated and fire retardant this plug is also Etl certified so you can have a peace at mind knowing Kasa has strict safety standards.

The setup is easy and offeres long Wi-fi range featuring a built-in amplifier to reach lengths of up to 300ft. Not only is the plug itself is weather resistant but you control the plug from anywhere using your phone but it’s also voiced controlled by Alexa, Google Assistant, and Microsoft Cortana. The Kasa Outdoor plug is also able to sync with other Kasa devices.

Lastly, this device has an option for either individual control where 2 outdoor devices can be controlled by a single person making it ideal for landscapes or swimming pools.

Top Smart Plug for Kids

Eve Energy Smart Plug

The Eve Energy smart plug is our top choice for children. Simply, for the fact it comes with most every feature the other devices have but this one includes a special bedtime mode. When paired with other Eve Energy devices the room becomes a concert with lights!

Controlled by a simple tap or a voice command this smart plug puts everyday essentials on autopilot and makes life easy.

Additionally, the Eve Energy smart plug shows wattage usage throughout the day and breaks down how much power each device is using, who can’t use a feature like that?!

The only drawback to this device is it is exclusively used with Apple’s HomeKit.

Overall best Smart Plug for Europe

Hive Active Plug

The Hive Active Plug works exactly as normal adapter like the other devices in this list. Quickly switch from on to ff from the tap of a button on the app.

In all honestly this plug includes most every feature of it’s U.S. counterparts. Scheduling allows for quick optimization of your day(up to six times) and pair it with other Hive Action devices.

Fully able to accept voice commands this smart plug works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Bring your home full circle by adding all the Hive Active Products.

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