6 Best Audio to Text Converters {UPDATED 2020}

What is a Voice To Text app?

In this article we’ll discuss the 6 best audio to text converters’ the market has to offer, such as the dragon app. Above all, well look at the pros and cons of each of these dictation software apps after that well give details as to why we selected the products we did. For instance, these dictation apps allow the user to put their voice to work and easily reports, emails, and much, much more. Similarly Dictation apps adapt to environmental variations, learns your voice, and creates documents the way you like them created. Check out the features each dictation software has to offer!

What are the best dictation apps?

Dragon Professional IndividualUnderstands accents, easy commands, custom functionality on most devices.A bit on the pricey side.
Braina ProQuick, easy to use, and very accurate. Can be very helpful in office assistant tasks. Transcribe audio to text!Only available for Windows PC.
Voice ProVoice recording to text software with Professional effects, full editing control, only available app to convert records of any length into text.Limited to mobile devices.
VerbioSupports multi-language, voice recognition, and automatic transcription. Best of all they transcribe voice recordings to text FREE!Unable to customize macro’s.
SonixExcellent web editor and offers features most others on this list do not. Not as reliable.
Happy ScribeReliable and accurate speech to text. Works great for video editing and offers a simple to use platform.Can have transcription issues with background noise.

Dragon Professional Individual

The professionals choice for audio to text conversion software

Available from Nuance; The Dragon Professional Individual is the leader in dictation software. Faster and more accurate than ever this dictation app makes creating automated business processes a breeze; Simply create a micro to automate the multi-step workflows. Dragon dictation app will allow you to dictate up to 3 times FASTER than typing, not to mention endless features such as making edits and apply formatting.. ALL BY VOICE. In addition this newest update features advanced “Deeper Learning” that will adjust to your voice as well as the environmental conditions. Built with a new simplified microphone the Dragon Professional provides a convenient solution to dictation acronyms, proper names, and other unique phrases. They even offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Therefore, the dragon app reigns supreme as the leading software for voice to text converters.

Braina Pro

Best audio to text converter online

Short for Brain Artificial, Braina is an intelligent personal assistant. Complete with a multi-functional AI software that allows you to accurately convert speech to text in over 100 DIFFERENT LANGUAGES. In addition to being one of the best text to speech apps of 2020, Braina makes it possible for you to control your computer using natural language commands. This isn’t just another Siri or Cortana, in other words, this software is meant for business productivity. Braina is also available on Android and iOS.

Voice Pro

Best for MP3 to text software

Firstly, a little different than the other Text to Speech options on this list Voice Pro focuses more on music aspects of the business. Because of the focus on music Voice Pro allows you to record in several different formats and insert real time background music. Secondly, Voice Pro has the ability to Mix multiple files at once, enable call recording, produce voice-to-text, encrypt all files in AES with key at 128 bytes. In conclusion, Voice Pro is also compatible with most operating systems on the market.


Best free voice recording to text software

Likewise, Verbio is the audio to text converter app that merges speech and cognitive technologies to change customer experience! Coupled with a cognitive solution and a human-machine like interaction. Certainly, Specific grammars and knowledge can be added to suit any business needs. Because the proprietary technology is available in a flexible and secure deployment. This is the best option for those looking for dictation that allows for Listen-Understand-Interact using any human language. All things considered the Verbio software is a great choice for a free online audio to text converter.


Best dictation app for web editing

Sonix comes in fairly high on our list and is still one of the best TTS online as they offer a standard service that includes the ability to quickly and effeciently transcribe any document, complete with an Audio Text Editor, custom dictionary, and an SEO-friendly media player. Equally as important, the Premium package includes everything in the standard plus multi-user access, the capability to search all transcripts by word. In brief, with low pricing and efficient dictation it’s no wonder Sonix is one of the best option for web editing dictation needs.


Our pick for the best voice to text converter for the average person

Looking for one of the best all around audio to text converter apps? Well look no further, HappyScribe bases their goal to ease transcriptions for journalist, lawyers, video producers, students, or researchers. After all, TRANSCRIBING IS THE NEXT BIG THING. To begin with HappyScribe covers all bases when it comes to transcribing YouTube videos or help with the growth of a podcast. Among the top features HappyScribe offers advanced punctuation capabilities, transcribes files within minutes, generate subtitles, and even add a personalized vocabulary. All in all, Everything you need in a dictation app HappyScribe has to offer!

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